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Min första datorkontakt var en HP-maskin på teknis i örebro nångpng 1973, den satt man på nätterna och programmerade kort med blyertspenna som man sedan lät datorn läsa in, om man satt något streck fel med pennan var det bara att rätta nästa natt ... ... därefter gjorde jag ett uppehåll med datorer några år till början av åttiotalet då de första abc-datorerna kom från luxor i motala, jag hyrde en först innan det var dags att tillsammans med min far börja programmera för att kunna hantera orienteringstävlingar, jag har för mig att den första vi köpte kostade någonting runt 25000sek. våra gamla abc-datorer kanske fortfarande finns på tekniska museet i örebro. Sedan kom abc800 i nåt år innan det drog igång på allvar med den första ibm-klonen från imp-data som man beställde och delbetalade och därefter väntade på att fabriken skulle tillverka den och skicka den till sverige per båt från taiwan, ungefär tre månaders väntetid sådär..

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dataprogram i basic för abc-datorn
abc-klubben, dataförening med rötterna i abc-datorerna


Miniknat är orientering i skogen för små barn, Mamma och pappa behöver också kanske vara med, Det kostar inte så mycket pengar att vara med bara 10-20 kronor, När man startar får man en karta, och en nummerlapp att sätta fast på bröstet med säkerhetsnålar, man behöver ingen kompass som de som är med på orienteringen för de vuxna använder, bra skor eller stövlar som är bra att promenera med i skogen, kläder för regn eller sol, varmt eller kallt väder, för att hitta rätt kontroll måste man gå åt rätt håll, vänster, höger, norr eller söder, väster eller öster, det gäller att veta rätt riktning, om man inte vet så följer man snitslarna, snitslar är plastbitar i olika färg som hänger i träden, på sensommaren tar banan kanske lite längre tid, man kanske plockar blåbär, lingon, kantareller eller hallon efter banan man springer (promenerar), när man närmar sig målet brukar alla som står efter målspurten heja och i högtalarna nämner man namnet på den som springer och spurtar i mål, efter målgången får man festis och banan och ibland också choklad och diplom,

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john ericsson, the builder of civilwar warship monitor and the inventor of the propeller

i went to highschool 28km away from home in a small town called filipstad, in between, there is a little village långbanshyttan where the inventor was born, långbanshyttan itself is famous for it's many differnet minerals to be found at one place, in filipstad they celebrate j.e. by doin a warship battle on the nearby lake, filipstad is also famous for another of it's sons, the poet nils ferlin who sits on a parkbench by the river on the townsquare, .

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kubbe råved, the one and only outlaw of kullberget, hällefors

long time ago, when hällefors hardly existed, there was a tale about an outlaw that anyone could kill without the risc of punishment by the law, the man was living and hiding in a cave somewhere at the kullbergsteep, the man had an eagle who fished for him, but one day the eagle got stuck with its claws and was drawn under water by the biggest pike of the lake sörelgen and the eagle was drowned and the outlaw-man was devistated by the loss of his friend and fisherbird and threw himself down the steep and crushed himself to death, the cave though is nowadays very hard to find and see and the real facts is for everyone to read in the 'hälleforsboken' at the library, .

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memory of jonas wenström, born in hällefors and inventor of the three-phase power system and..

if you stay at the hammarns vägkrog restaurant some hundreds meters after the turn to filipstad on road number 63, there is a memory-stone just like an old runestone by the vikings, the stone is in memory of jonas wnström, he invented the light-bulb one year ahead of edison, no patent though, and was the founder of asea,

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the stream, or an adventure

i was about eight years old the year kennedy was murdered and my schoolbag had a picture of gagarin, the russian komsonaut, on it, and the explorer days began by talking a walk around a fairly big lake, i dragged by little brother with me, age four and ent away for a couple of hours and had absoluteley no idea of time whatsoever, our parents found us and by then it was fairly dark, but it was another story a really wanted to write about, up in the wood behind my school and behind were i lived at age twelve, and i went along my father on orienteering and was quite amazed that in some thick forest it was possible to find any controls, and particular one control near a stream, the stream woke my interest and one day i packed a packpack with choolate and sandwiches and followed the small stream to were it was going, the tracking was difficult but fun, almost like a stephen king book and ended at a big swamp, .. by the way, the course is from some club-night-championship some years ago .

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yoldia sea

i grew up on the shore of a great sea, there were great dunes formed by the wind, nearby a great riverdelta, wide sandy beaches and shallow shores with soft vawes, the was very rich of many different species, inland there were great plains with many different grasseaters, but i was somewhat late because the sea existed millions of years in the passed and nowadays the sealevel is 200m belov! when reading the stories about ayla, "the people of the cavebear", "mammuthhunters", a.s.o, .

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igelbäcken, east of tiveden, in the nortern sphere of the big lake vättern

a fairly moderated run for a limping marathonrunner with some day-food and a use-once-taking-camera-fairly-good-quality-picture-taken is to go to the northwest of the second largest lake in sweden, "vättern", and doing it the easy way, preferably on a sunny sundaymorning and after a visit to askersund and their touristagency on the center-square, but be aware, the naturereserve stretches also to the south but in a different "fylke/county/län" so you will not get any info at that site in a different touristagency.... .

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norra vättern 1
norra vättern 2

the golfer

... and what about golf, i participated, but not more, at a golfcourse in the middle of the 70:ies, and i tried to follow the club pro's advice's, but nothing worked, do this and do that and everything was locked, both in mind and shoulders and back, so i quit before i did vaste too much time and effort and money, if you can't do it at once, at least somehow, i think it best not to, there is always other things to try, anyhow something must have gotten stucked in my mind, as with the french classes, because halfdrunk and quite relaxed i did the baskets out in the sea at varberg, swedens westcoast, and was amazed that it was so easy coming so close to the targeted baskets and even got one hole in one with if i remember it correctly, an iron-seven or a pitch i used both, but i realize that it is qiute different to do the real thing, you have to reset the markmanship for every shot... .

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finding the correct room and correct hotel, just like finding an ol-control

some time ago when i had some money, the stockmarket was still up, i did some traveling with the travelagency, i used to send them a fax where i wanna go and when i wanna go there and they answered with the flightnumbers, returning from australia 4-days event it was a 24 hour stay in singapore, maybe not necessary for the trip but i didn't mind i was out looking for experiences other than small-village-hällefors, a began the evening with a china-dinner, which went expensive because of the extra payment for this and that, example 40 singaporedollar for a wet tovel, and ordering red wine and served white, but i didn't bother i could always kill myself later, nothing was going to spoil my 24-hour stay, so i went out and heard discomusic from a tower-building and went up there and tried to talk to people but now later on i understand that all those young chinese girls and malayan girls didn't understood a word i said, so back to the hotel and here was the orienteering moment, i had really hard time finding the correct hotel, orchard boulevard hotel, orchard road hotel or what was the name of the hotel, they even look the same so take a chance and see how the keynumber fit in the doorlock, but it didn't, the hotelroom was about 100usd and i spent almost three hours there... another thing happen at another 24-hour stay, in barcelona, went to take a look at the olympic arenas and when checking out the hotelpeople add some mysterious extra tax on the hotel-stay, about i don't remember but they took all the money i had left, i was not shure who should call the police, me because of the extra suddenly tax or they if i didn't pay so i just left so i coult catch my flight, anyhow i suppose i learned something..., in venice checking out i tried to make a protest but also there i was in a hurry catching a flight and the hotelman understood nothing or everything... .

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table tennis (ping-pong) 1969-1979

those year when winter was not a trainingperiod runningwise i did other things, table-tennis, badminton and such things, with no success though but it was more, not fun, but more easy going than running 25km in snow and icy roads during the winter, the table tennis carrier was in short, "never won a match in swedish division 6", but the training was not all a vaste runningwise, badminton and table tennis for 3-4 hours two or three times a week gets you hard footskin.. i regret never bring my camera to the events, i miss art and writings in the world of sport, it's not all about winning and loosing, the soul of sport is i think difficult to portrait because of the sheer nature of the activity sport and the sport-consumers. .

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sorry no picture of the table

memory of a rare race 1975

i went to tärnaby, sweden and participated in an orienteering competition that was somewhat unusual because the walk to the start was not a walk, instead a hike by skilift midsummers day, north of the polarcircle day all night, up to the top of the mountain and then the track was downhill in circles around the mountain, a good moment for good kilometertimes, ingemar stenmark at the priceceromony as a pricegiver. .

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tärnafjällen-hemavan & tärnaby

the map and course

2 minutes 45 seconds

1000 meters, two min and 45 secs was my time at the age of almost fourteen, at least i want to remember it that way or was the time in fact two mins and 55 secs, anyhow i got schoolmedalchampionship and the teacher who was a swedish champion throwing discus, (or whatever the english word is,) defended the time as good when some young man tried to put me down, i myself didn't think of it as a good time, i regarded myself as an orienteer, but now after 30 years of competing and training i realize that that race could have been the highest peek i've ever had, 10000 meters after some practise would easily had been done under 30 mins ... ... well i wonder, was the track really 1000m?, was the timing really that correct? .

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worst coldhold in sweden

you know you're getting old when it is very remotly hard to imagine that you are going by free will to a trainingcamp once again in your life, to a place were it is -35 degrees celcius and enjoy the running and you have to put on some shoefat in your face to at least have some protection, well maybe that was the armyway of telling that it is foolish to keep on training when it is the main purpose in life to catch a bullit at first contact with the enamy, the rangers way to see and not be seen.. anyhow it was an experience that if you survive it may be hardened but the pain will always be remembered.. anyhow at least we lived at a youthhostel that week, but the next week it was in the deep vilderness doing warstuff living in a tent, but that was nothing... .

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wilsons promontory national park

i have looked and searched and finally thought it was stolen, the map from my running in australia, but some days ago i was up on the attic looking for some other maps and there it was, before i found it i felt almost like someone had stolen the memory of the "juicy fruit"-beaches at the most southpart of australia, excluding tasmania, i went there from melbourne and the road ended so on with the runninggear and jogging away for an explorers tour, hot and warm it was and the landscape was beutiful but it was almost not possible to stop because of the flies and other insects that wants to eat you, they don't look the same as the scandinavian flies, so you never know whats eating you, there were some people hiking around and some sailingboats at the shores and kangaroos and kakadoos, and the weather was sunny and bright and the next stop over the sea would be the antartic, that is if you missed tasmania, and the bush was so thick so you could not really leave the paths, so the running went on fine .. .. but if i ever win the lottery i will go there again and explore all of it ..

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surf to the park in australia

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kindla nature reserve

a place suitable for hiking and/or jogging/running or just feel the experience of an old forest and beutiful nature, well then you should pack your things and stake out the kindla nature reserve situated between hällefors and kopparberg in sweden, the area has marked tracks, running them takes a couple of hours or three if you stay and watch the scenery, walking takes you to the restingcabins and the lookouttower.

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kindla homepage

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knuthöjdsmossen nature reserve

a place i always visit in the springtime is the knuthöjdsmossen nature reserve, it's a highmarsch area with a large number of small lakes, lots of birdlife, the tracks are wooded and the distance is perfect for interval-training, don't run down the birdwathcers and photograhpers, it's only 30cm wide.

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hällefors nature reserve

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murstensdalen nature reserve

a new area for recreation and walking is the murstensdalen nature reserve, not far from the famous waterspring loka brunn, you could lodge there and go on tour to the reserve, an hour running or two days exploring the deep gullies and the narrows lakes and small streams with pittoresc waterfalls.

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hällefors nature reserve

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training and competing in venice, italy

the orienteeringseason ends in october and to extend that season, why not go to venice for training a week and then participate in the orienteeringevent in the alleys, i went there a week a head so i coult join the treviso-event the weekend before the main event, landed on the airfield and vent up to treviso by rental-car, i had some difficulties finding the hotel because i only had a map of a square-km showing the location of the hotel and when was i on the map and at wich direction. anyhow it went well and the competition held at the beginning of the alps. during the week i was exploring the alleys of venice and i thought i had covered it all, but during the event on sunday morning, climbing all the churchvisitors and other walkers backs trying to get some speed, there was really other alleys to find and of cource som controlposts.

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meeting venice, italy

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